Saltwater Invertebrates

Marine Corals are arriving weekly!

Stop in to see the selection, Many to choose from, we also have A wide variety of invertebrates to help clean your tank and looking good. All priced to sell!
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Saltwater Clams $89.99
2 for $150
3 for $200

purple starfish

Purple Linckia Starfish $36.99

Emerald Crab $11.99

Snails $1.99-$3.99

Hermit Crabs $1.19 10/$10.00

sebae anemone

Various Anemone Stating at $11.99

live rock

Live Rock $8.99 per lb

volitan lionfish

Volitan Lionfish $38.99

Rock Beauty $44.99

Cleaner Shrimp $36.99 3\$90.00

Copper Band Butterfly $44.99 

peppermint shrimp

Peppermint Shrimp $5.99 3/$15.00

Blue Tang $36.99

orange shoulder tang

Orange Shoulder Tang $36.99 Out of Stock

live corals brain corals

Live Corals/Brain Coral $39.99-69.99

Flame Angel $69.99 Out of Stock

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