Saltwater Fish

Marine Corals are arriving weekly!

Stop in to see the selection, Many to choose from,  All priced to sell!  Marshall Islands and Hawaiin Islands fish arrived this week. Flame Angels, Lemon Peels, Gold Flake Angels, Yellow Tangs, Yellow Eye Kole Tangs, and Much More.
Stop in and take a look!


Saltwater Clams $89.99
2 for $150
3 for $200

purple starfish

Purple Linckia Starfish $36.99

bangai cardinal

Bangai Cardinal $23.99

yellow tang

Yellow Tang $29.99

percula crown

Percula Clown $16.99

sebae anemone

Sebae Anemone $28.99

live rock

Live Rock $8.99 per lb

volitan lionfish

Volitan Lionfish $38.99

4 spot butterfly

4 Spot Butterfly $29.99 Out of Stock

cleaner shrimp

Cleaner Shrimp $36.99 3\$90.00


Naso Tang $54.99

peppermint shrimp

Peppermint Shrimp $6.99 3/$15

yellow eyed cole tang

Yellow Eyed Cole Tang $32.99 Out of Stock

orange shoulder tang

Orange Shoulder Tang $36.99 Out of Stock

live corals brain corals

Live Corals/Brain Coral $59.99

potters angelfish

Potters Angelfish $48.99 Out of Stock

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